About Me:


I make a living as a journalist, and am so lucky to travel the globe telling other people’s stories, in some of the most interesting (and, let’s face it… some of the most depressing) places on the planet.

I love how food has the capacity to bring everyone together; in every culture around the world, the meal is the event, the shared pleasure that brings comfort and camaraderie even in the worst of times. On the road, it’s where I find my zen. I’m also a new resident of London, and will put some of my new local haunts on here as well.

When at home, I love to cook – but rarely spend more than an hour in the kitchen. Fresh, delicious food doesn’t have to take long, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The recipes you’ll find here aren’t fancy, but they are yummy and basic enough for any level of cook.

This blog is to highlight some of the hidden gems around the world; so if you find yourself in a foreign place, I might be able to point you in the right direction. And when wandering through your kitchen cabinets noodling over your dinner options, I might be able to help with that too.

Comments, suggestions, and criticism are always welcome — and if you have a place to add, contributors are welcome too!

-erin lyall