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Quick Snack: Eating at the Earthquake

When disaster strikes – particularly when it’s close to home – people feel helpless, sad, and desperate to show their love and support in whatever way they can. In the mountainous region of Amatrice, many Italians rushed in to help look for survivors and comb through debris during the first hours after the quake. But […]

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Quick Snack: Eating in Egypt on the Go

On the road, the days are long, the traffic is bad, and we don’t necessarily have time for a meal.  I’ll scarf down a falafel or kebab wrap when possible, but in the Egyptian heat, sometimes a cold drink is all you have the time (and the appetite) for! Quite possibly the perfect calorie bomb […]

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Modern Meatballs and Delicious Dumplings in Istanbul

You can eat very, very well in Istanbul. Even with zero language skills, the point-and-nod method can get you amazing kebabs, shwarma, roast chestnuts, the donut-shaped pastry known as simit, and enough baklava to put you in a honey coma. And the street food scene has excellent company with a handful of modern restaurants serving […]

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Snacks along the Railroad Tracks in Hungary

We all take comfort in food, and in the sharing of food. Perk up a sad day; Celebrate a happy one. Share a meal to show you care; Hand out some sweets to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s the Italian grandmother way of doing things: food equals love. It’s the easiest, basest way […]

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