Quick Snack: Ukrainian Steeped Tea


Ukrainians have embraced coffeeshop culture: it’s a place for a warm cup, a pastry, and most importantly – wifi. (This has to be one of the most wifi-accessible countries I’ve ever been to).  But if you’ll skip past the section of syruped lattes, you’ll usually find a strange and colorful tea selection. Here they steep their tea (usually black, though I’ve seen herbal and green) with honey, fruit, and herbs.  Maybe you’ll get a teapot of fruit, berries and sage.  Or honey, rose and thyme. Or star anise, orange and cinnamon.


It has a unique history: during the Great Famine of the 1930’s, many survived on tea mixed with leaves and pine needles. Today, they take great pride in their preparations — and there is no better way to get some work done than accompanied by a hot pot of sweet, fragrant tea. They all taste vaguely…. of Christmas.

You can find Ukrainian steeped tea at most coffee shops and cafes…